What are the most frequent seat deviations among riders?


We believe in science based development. We are sharing different scientific studies that prove the importance of a good seat. Since the communication between rider and horse is predominately embodied and depending of the quality of the rider’s seat.

equestrian in the saddle

A correct seat and position are the basis for good performance in horseback riding. What are the most frequent seat deviations among riders? A Swedish study showed that the most common deviations were unbalanced seat, unstable or stiff seat, gripping-up thighs, and clamping thighs or knees.

How was the study performed?


A panel consisted of qualified, experienced judges and trainers scoring the occurrence of seat deviations in 20 riders each riding three different horses of different sizes. The test contained a mixture of paces but no advanced movements.
It was also interesting to note that, in this study, different judges struggled to assess and agree upon deviations in a given rider’s seat. Thus, results show that the relationship between rider and horse is interactive and complex and that the deviations from the ideal equestrian seat are difficult to define and assess.


Here you will find summaries of scientific articles that explains more.



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