This week I visited my friend and colleague Mads Hendeliowitz at his farm Segersta Equestrian. He is a professional trainer in dressage on the highest Swedish level (A-trainer) and competed in the Olympics with his horse Jimmy Coo.
I asked Mads about his opinion on the Rider’s Position.
Why is the rider’s position so important?
It because we communicate with the horse through our position.
What are the most common challenges?
I think that it is common that the rider has a bad balance and unconsciously gives too much signals at the same time, and often also unclear signals, that makes the horse confused. Another usual problem is asymmetry and that has a very negative effect on the riders’ way of sitting on the horse and using their aids.
Mads rides between seven and eight horses per day.
How do you keep fit yourself as a top rider?
I perform dismounted physical training four days per week. Two times together with a personal trainer and two times by myself. The training focuses on core stability, balance and coordination. I for instance practices my balance and coordination standing on my knees on a Pilates boll while my trainer throes balls to me from different angles.
We would love to see Mads do this exercise!

Mari Zetterqvist Blokhuis

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