Rider’s Position’s contribution to sustainable riding

Sustainability and sustainable riding are currently on everybody’s lips. Below, we briefly explain what the contribution of Rider’s Position is.

Much of the discussion on sustainability refers to the environment. Our current production and consumption practices have negative effects on the environment and will destroy the Earth’s ecosystems.  It is causing irreparable damage to the atmosphere leading to changes in climate and related adverse effects. The horse sector, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions through activities like feed production and transportation, must take responsibility and act to mitigate these adverse effects.

However, sustainability is not only about the environment. It encompasses social and economic aspects. Together, these aspects are known as the three P’s: people, planet, and profit.

Social sustainability is about making sure that communities and societies can thrive and continue to exist in a healthy, fair, and equal way. It includes acknowledging and managing the positive and negative impacts of businesses on people and thereby the societal acceptability of business activities (social licence to operate).

For the horse sector this means for example that the increasing societal demand to assure horse welfare should be addressed. This involves ensuring horses are healthy, comfortable, well-nourished, safe, and able to express natural behaviour. A sustainable horse sector should also prioritize to assure health and injury prevention of riders.

Economic sustainability refers to the creation of long-term financial stability without compromising environmental and social well-being.

For the horse sector to thrive, profitability is essential.

Rider’s Position Sweden contributes to the sustainability of the horse sector by focusing on the health and well-being of both horse and rider.

Recognizing the rider’s position as a crucial factor for sustainable riding, our ambition is to make riders aware of their position, motivating them to enhance their riding experience and prevent injuries through improved seat and movements.

We believe by using digital technology and AI, we will improve riders’ awareness of their position, fostering a good interaction with the horse for improved health and safety. With an improved position, riders and horses can move as a team, leading to more enjoyable and sustainable riding and creating better partnerships between horses and riders.