Rider’s Position Rhythm Coach

Above you can see a red  rhythm graph . It is showing how the rider is moving up and down in the saddle.

The Rider’s Position Rhythm Coach demonstrates the rider’s movements in the saddle. It is the initial stage in creating the Rider’s Position Coach. This tool provides immediate feedback on your seat. The goal is for both you and your horse to feel good and have wonderful riding experiences together.

Moreover, the Rider’s Position Rhythm Coach is a valuable tool for riders of all levels to improve their position in the saddle. By providing real-time feedback on how the rider is moving up and down, it helps riders become more aware of their body position and make necessary adjustments. This can lead to better balance, stability, and communication with the horse.

Additionally, with the Rider’s Position Rhythm Coach, riders can track their progress over time and see improvements in their riding technique. By focusing on developing a strong and consistent rhythm in their position, riders can enhance their overall performance and create a more harmonious partnership with their horse.

Ultimately, the goal of the Rider’s Position Rhythm Coach is to help riders and their horses feel comfortable, confident, and connected during their riding experiences. By using this tool to refine their position in the saddle, riders can unlock their full potential and enjoy the journey of becoming a better rider. The first version of the Rhythm Coach will measure your rhythm in trot and will give you feedback in real time. when you are riding.

How it works.