Rider Analysis AI coach gives feedback on your  position in the saddle!

Rider Analysis – The analysis shows your position in the saddle. Furthermore, you get advice on how you can train to improve your position. Our app, that you download to your iPhone, collects motion data that shows how you move in the saddle (up and down, forwards and backwards).  Here you download Rider Analysis

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NOTE THAT it is right now only for iPhone. 

Instruction video

What is Rider Analysis?


The Rider analysis app is a measurement tool that collects data on how you move in the saddle. Our AI coach analyzes your motion data and evaluates your rhythm, balance and symmetry. You also get graphs that show how you move in the saddle and tips on exercises that strengthen your seat.

It works like this: You download our app to your Iphone and register. Here you can download it

When you start riding, warm up your horse in all three gaits for at least 15 minutes. When you are ready to start the measurement, press start and place your mobile in a tight bum bag that you spin so that the mobile is on your back.

Keep in mind that it is centered on the body. We then collect data in trot sitting for 90 seconds. You find out when 45 seconds have passed and then you change laps.

When the measurement is complete, your data is registered, and you will receive an email with a link where you can order and buy your analysis. The analysis costs SEK 199 / piece (about 20 €, 15,5£ and 19 $)

Rider analysis is a great gift for a person who loves horses and riding and who has an Iphone. Here you can buy a gift card for SEK 199 / piece (about 20 €, 15,5£ and 19 $)

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Above you see two different motion graphs, you will see your own when you buy a Rider Analysis.

The red graphs show movement up and down the saddle and the grey back and forth. Which one of the graphs do you think shows a more trained rider? It’s the  one with the wavy graphs. There you see harmony in the movements.