Rider’s Position Referral Program

Join the Rider’s Position Referral Program today and earn comissions for every referral sale!

We are excited to introduce our referral program where you can earn commission 50% per every sale of Rider Analysis that you refer. Start earning passive income today!

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Here’s how it works

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1. Sign Up: Join our referral program by signing up with your email.

2. Get Your Unique code: Once signed up, you will receive a unique referral code.

3. Share Your code:  Share your unique code with friends, family, and your network via social media, email, or any other platform.

4. Earn Commission:  For every sale of Rider Analysis made through your referral code, you will earn a commission.

Why refer Rider Analysis?

Top-Quality Product: Rider Analysis App is a comprehensive tool that provides in-depth insights for horse riders, helping them improve their horse riding performance with advanced metrics and customizable training plans.

Help Others: By referring Rider Analysis, you are helping others access valuable resources to enhance their riding experience.

Earn Money: Get paid for every sale generated through your referral code. It’s that easy!

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Ready to get started? Sign up below!

Ready to get started? Sign up below!

Referral Terms and Conditions.

1. Introduction to the Agreement

This is an Agreement between you and Riders Position. Please read these terms with care. This Agreement outlines the rules and regulations of the Referral program for Riders Position.
By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you agree that you have read and understood these and agree to be legally responsible for each and every term and condition herein.

2. Definitions

In this Agreement, the following definitions will apply.
“Referral” or “Referrals” are the individuals or entities in the referral application that intend to participate in the Referral Program and who will legally be bound by the Terms and Conditions herein.
“Customers” are the individuals and legal entities that are the end users of Riders Position.
“Referral Program” means the program operated by Riders Position, to which the Referrals are enrolled and rewarded in the form of monetary compensation for referring customers.
“Referral code” is the personal code from a referral participating in the referral program, used to track referrals and commissions. The code is located at the referrals’s website and promotional channels, and when clicked on by a potential customer, it directs to Riders Position.
“Commission” means the money that a referral earns from each referral that converts into a sale.
3. Participation Requirements and Partner Obligations

Join our Referral program and become a pivotal part of our mission to promote our cutting-edge RidersAnalysis app and drive sales. As a referral, you will earn a commission of 50% on the sale generated from each customer you refer.
To be eligible for our affiliate program, you must agree to our terms and conditions, be at least 18 years old.
As a referral, your primary role is to act as a marketing promoter for Rider’s Position, driving traffic to our website and selling our Riders Analysis app. You can use your referral code on your website and in your promotional efforts to introduce potential customers to our services.
Participants in our program are empowered to market and promote Rider's Position products and services. Utilize marketing materials provided, including banners and guidebooks, to enhance your promotional activities.
It's crucial for referrals to keep company information on their website and in their promotions up-to-date. Should there be any changes in pricing, packages, or services offered by Riders Position, it is the referral's responsibility to ensure that this information is promptly updated.

4. Legal Compliance
As a condition to your participation in the referral program, you agree that while you are a referral at Riders Position, you will comply with all laws, ordinances, rules, regulations, orders, licenses, permits, judgments, decisions, or other requirements (collectively, “Laws”) of any governmental authority that has jurisdiction over you.
This is regardless of whether those Laws are now in effect or later come into effect during the time you are a referral or participating in the referral program, including, without limitation, during the application process.
Without limiting the foregoing obligation, you agree that as a condition of your participation in the referral program, you will comply. This is related to all applicable federal, state, or other Laws that govern marketing email, including without limitation, the e-Privacy Directive, the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003, and all other anti-spam laws.
By participating in the program, the referral agrees that their website and other promotional channels does not contain or promote:
Copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights.
Adult, violent and defamatory content.
Gambling, including and without limitations, sports books, poker, and (online) casinos.
Religious and or political viewpoints.
Any content or services that violate the law.
Paid promotions and PPC bidding on the following keywords, and misspellings of these, are not allowed: Riders Position, Riders Position discount, Riders Position coupon. It can’t be separate or in combination with other keywords. In order to use any Riders Position related keywords through paid advertising, you need prior approval of one of our referral managers.
5. Commissions and Payments
A commission will be paid for the referral as a result of bringing a customer who purchased a Rider Analysis. This commission applies to customers who were referred using a referral code and subscribed to our services within 30 days. We offer lifetime commission. This means you will receive commission for as long as the referred customer is a paid user.
We pay commission latest on the 25th of each month.