How much force does an equestrian rider put on the horse’s back during riding?

Our CEO Mari Zetterqvist Blokhuis explains why it is important for equestrian riders to find out how much force we put on the horses back.

The amount of force you as rider puts on your horse’s back can vary depending on several factors, including the rider’s weight, and level of skill.

However, it’s essential for you to try to minimize the force you exert on your horse’s back to ensure the horse’s comfort and well-being.

In the trot, the horse’s back rises and falls at a steady pace. For you as a rider, this means that the horse’s back moves forward-upward and forward-downward, and there is a constant interaction between the horse accelerating and decelerating.

Through your weight and the horse’s acceleration, you as a rider come down in the saddle with a lot of force, especially in the decelerating phase.

Within the Rider’s Position system, the force is registered in Newton (N). Converted to kilograms, we have seen that a rider that weighs 60 kilos exerts between 150 and 350 kilograms of downward force in each trotting stride, which is challenging for both the horse’s and the rider’s back.

What can we do as a rider to use less force?

To use less force, you need to be relaxed and flexible in your hips and thus being able to “swing with the horse” by absorbing the horse’s movements with your pelvis, hips, and lower back. You also need to have good balance to make your up and down movements consistence and smooth, allowing your horse to work in balance. Furthermore, you can also decrease your force in the saddle by dividing your force between your seat and your stirrups. It is suggested that the rider should put around 20% of their force in the stirrups and the rest in their seat.


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