Move together as a team!

  • Improve your position in the saddle

  • For more enjoyable riding and healthier horses!

  • Let our AI-coach analyze your seat

  • Get advice how to improve

Try Rider Analysis!  The analysis shows your position in the saddle. Furthermore, you get advice on how you can train to improve your position.Our app, that you download to your iPhone, collects motion data that shows how you move in the saddle (up and down, forwards and backwards).

How it works

Buy a Rider Analysis  

The graphs above show the motion data from a rider. The red graphs show  movement up and down in the saddle and they grey back and forth. You will see your own graphs if you buy a Rider Analysis.

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“Finally, I can get clear facts on how I interact with my horse. Complementing my feeling with data will give me the opportunity to become a better rider”, Amalia Thoors, dressage rider at medium level.
“The rhythm is something I do not often think about when I ride, even though it is very basic. But just concentrating on the rhythm gives an incredible focus, both me and my horse relax, and it gives such a good feeling when riding.” Alexander Sovre´, Recreational Rider.