Did you know that physical training can improve the rider’s position?


We believe in science based development. We are sharing different scientific studies that prove the importance of a good seat. Since the communication between rider and horse is predominately embodied and depending of the quality of the rider’s seat.

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Do you have problem with rounded shoulders? Or difficulties to relax your hips and legs so that you legs fall to the horse’s sides? It was shown in a British study that a fitness program specially tailored for riders can improve the rider’s position and contribute for instance to that the rider is able to ride with “longer legs”. A group of students took part in a eight-weeks fitness course based on exercises especially created for riders. The exercises were developed by the German sport physician Eckhart Meyners.


How was the study performed?


The participating riders were equipped with markers at the shoulder, hips, and heals and riders movements were measured in walk, posting trot and sitting trot both before and after the intervention. An analyse program was used to register the rider’s deviations from the upright seat both before and after the intervention. Already after four weeks, the riders’ position was generally improved. The problems with rounded shoulders decreased and the riders’ showed a longer distance between hips and heals.
This study shows that a tailored fitness program for riders can be used to improve your position. On the website Rider’s Position we present some exercises that you can use to become a better rider!

Here you will find summaries of scientific articles that explains more.



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