Data Driven Seat Analysis

Above you see two different movement graphs. 
The red graph is movement up and down, grey is fore-and backwards and  blue is side to side . Which graph do you think belong to a more skilled rider?  It is the one on the top. You see the harmony in the movements ..

Data Driven seat analysis is the first step towards developing Rider’s Position Coach, that will show how you sit in the saddle and will give your real time feedback on your position. The aim is to create a better communication between you and your horse and thus contribute to a positive riding experience.

After selling the Data Driven seat analyses to more than 100 riders, we are now developing a digital version of the analysis; Digital Data Driven seat analysis, that will be available on Q1 2022. The project is sponsored by Vinnova Innovate Start ups Step 1.

In this service, you will ride in trot for a couple of minutes and your Iphone will collect motion data that will be sent to the cloud for analysis which will be presented in the app. You will get a summary over your strong sides and what aspects of your seat that you need to improve in order to give you and your horse a better riding experience.  Additionally, you will get advice how you can train both on and off the horse to get a better position in the saddle.