This semester Mari Zetterqvist Blokhuis will give a clinics about the Rider’s Seat and Position at different locations see below. The clinics will contain both theory and practical demonstration.

Upcoming clinics:
23 May  Bootcamp Data driven seat analyses, Balsberga gård, Mölnbo/ Gnesta
20 June Clinic and Data driven seat analyses in Rimbo
6 August Datadriven Seat Analysis, Hufvudsta Ridklubb

Recent clinics:
22 November Clinic and Data driven seat analyses in Norrtälje ridklubb
30 November Lecture Svenska Ridsportförbundets Ryttarutvecklingsprogram level 3
15 November Satsning Unga Ryttare Stockholms Ridsportförbund
28 October Rider’s Position Datadriven Seat Bootcamp in Säva Ridcenter
24 October Lecture and clinic at Hallsbergs ridklubb6 October Seat clinic at Upplands Bro riding school
14 October Lecture about the interaction between rider, horse and equestrian trainer – a challenging puzzle Östergötlands Ridsportförbund
30  August Datadriven Seat Bootcamp, Ryttarstadion