Mari and Charlotta, founders of Rider's Position

About us

Rider’s Positions’ vision is to improve the rider’s position in the saddle and create a perfect interaction between equestrian rider and horse. We have developed the app “Rider Analysis” that measures the rider’s position during riding by using a mobile phone. The rider receives advice on how to improve his or her position. This supports riders to structure their training and focus on points of improvement to enhance their riding experience and prevent injuries of both the rider and the horse.

The founders of Rider’s Position, Mari Zetterqvist Blokhuis and Charlotta Mantell, are both passionate riders and horse owners with a special interest in the interaction between rider and horse. The connection between Charlotta and Mari began many years ago, when Charlotta was grooming Mari’s dressage horse  named Gavott. Their paths crossed again In 2019 when, with renewed enthusiasm and a glimpse of the potential of their combined skills, Charlotta and Mari decided to team up and so Rider’s Position was born – a harmonious fusion of experience, talent and love of riding. Enjoy the ride with us!

Charlotta 12 years old with Gavott

Charlotta is 12 years old with Gavott.

Meet Charlotta. Her journey with horses began at eight in a riding school, where she fell in love with the horses and riding. Before venturing into the equestrian world full-time, Charlotta had a successful career as Head of Experience Center and Creative Director at Ericsson, a leading telecom tech company. Yet, her heart yearned for something more meaningful, something that merged her technological knowledge with her passion for horses.

Driven by a desire to deepen the connection between humans and horses, Charlotta co-founded Rider’s position. Her vision was to leverage cutting-edge technology to objectively measure riders’ seats and positions, fostering a deeper understanding and harmony between horse and rider.

Mari riding poni

Mari is 9 years old with poni.

Here’s a glimpse into Mari’s equestrian journey from childhood, where her passion for riding first took root:

Even as a child, Mari was drawn to the world of horses. Her early experiences laid the foundation for her lifelong love affair with equestrianism. Now, as a co-founder of Rider’s Position, Mari brings not only her expertise but also her deep-seated passion for riding to the forefront, ensuring that every aspect of the app reflects the dedication and care she has for the equestrian community.