Rider’s Positions’ vision is to create a perfect interaction between rider and horse by using data to make us riders aware of our position in the saddle and change the way we develop our riding.

 By helping riders to improve their position in the saddle during riding, we want to protect horses and contribute to a better equestrian sport.

Founders Mari Zetterqvist Blokhuis and Charlotta Mantell are both passionate riders and horse owners with a special interest in the interaction between rider and horse

Mari Zetterqvist Blokhuis is a professional riding teacher and holds a BSc in social science. She has recently finished her PhD with the dissertation Interaction between rider, horse and equestrian trainer – a challenging puzzle.

Mari has a special interest in the interaction between rider and horse and how to teach the practical skills of horse riding. Before starting as a doctoral student, she was involved in a project that aimed to find ways to improve the riders’ seat. This resulted in the book Sitsskolan presenting how riders’ can use mounted as well as dismounted exercises to improve the seat. Mari’s mission is that both rider and horse should enjoy the riding experience.

Charlotta Mantell is a serial entrepreneur specialised in marketing and communication. Defining customer journeys and creating strong customer experiences is her specialty.

She is a “tech nerd” and is passionate about all the possibilities that digitalisation and AI are providing. She has been riding since childhood and has had her own horse for more than 30 years. Has competed at a lower level in all disciplines and is a passionate hunting rider. In the recent years she has focused on looking at her own riding journey, reflections on the constant learning and the riding position as the most important tool to get a good communication with the horse.

Charlotta and Mari met many years ago when Charlotta were grooming Maris dressage horse  named Gavott. This year they met again and they liked what they saw. They decided to combine their complimentary skills and experiences to start a business together.