Imagine having a seat coach in your ear!
Whenever you want – wherever you want – and as often as you wish

 Do you want to create a good interaction between you and your horse? Do you strive for both you and your horse to feel good and have wonderful riding experiences together? At the same time as you prevent training injuries. Then Rider’s Position is a community for you. Here we share the latest research within this area and suggest exercises that can be used to improve your seat.

We want to help you as a rider to get a better seat and thus protect the horses and contribute to a better equestrian sport. That is why we develop Rider’s Position Coach – a real-time digital coach that provides personal feedback on your seat in real time.

With our digital real-time coach, we measure how you move in the saddle in three dimensions. Data is passed on to an app that processes your movements using AI. The app connects to your headphones, so you get real-time feedback while riding.

Our starting point is that good riding is about harmony and reciprocity between horse and rider. We turn to you who care for the horses and want to work to improve your seat to get flow in your riding. 

We are currently developing the first version of Rider’s Position Coach, which will be launched at the beginning of autumn 2020.
We offer you as a member of our community to participate as a test pilot. It costs nothing – just your time and feedback!


The first of the three corner stones that build a good position in the saddle. Riding is an art like dancing it is about finding the right rhythm and adopt to the rhythm of the horse.

Let the body merge and be one with the horse.


 The second of the corner stones. Without a good balance you will never become a skilled rider. We will share exercises that will improve your balance.


The third of the corner stones is symmetry.  As humans we are mostly one side dominant and to be an effective rider we need to be as equal as possible to be able to communicate as effective as possible with the horse.