Improve your position in the saddle through real time feedback





Rider´s Position Coach is a digital real time solution for the equestrian rider. It will give you feedback on your position in the saddle and help you to further improve your seat.


A good position is the basis for all riding. Through the seat, the rider uses his or her body language to interact with the horse. Thus, the rider’s seat is a determining factor for the welfare and health of both rider and horse.

How it works:

With our digital coach, we measure how you move in the saddle in three dimensions. The movements are analyzed and sent back to you as spoken feedback on your seat in real time.


The Rider’s Position Coach will increase your awareness of how you move in the saddle and will support you in your efforts to further improve your seat.

For whom:

The digital coach can be used by equestrian riders regardless of level or experience

As a first step in the development of our digital coach, we soon will launch Rider´s Position Rhythm Coach that will measure the regularity of your rhythm together with your horse. Based on this information you will get real-time support to improve your rhythm.


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These graphs are showing the movements of a rider in trot. Red  is up and down, grey is fore- and backwards and blue is side to side.


The first of the three corner stones that build a good position in the saddle. Riding is an art like dancing it is about finding the right rhythm and adopt to the rhythm of the horse.

Let the body merge and be one with the horse. Read more 



 The second of the corner stones. Without a good balance you will never become a skilled rider. We will share exercises that will improve your balance. Read more


The third of the corner stones is symmetry.  As humans we are mostly one side dominant and to be an effective rider we need to be as equal as possible to be able to communicate as effective as possible with the horse.
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