Do you want to improve
your position and your
interaction with the horse?

Buy a Rider Analysis that
measures your seat and
position when you are riding.


What you get:

  • Increased knowledge of the seat and how it affect the horse when you are riding
  • Motivation to improve the seat and position and thus the interaction between you and the horse
  • Better structure of the riding and training with the help of relaxed exercises that strengthen the rider’s seat
  • Healthier and more sustainable riders and horses.

How it works?

The app measures your rhythm and balance as you ride and collects your movements in two dimensions. You get an objective measurement of your position, and can improve your position with personalized feedback from our AI coach.

You get written feedback with graphs showing your movements in the saddle while riding and tips on how to improve your position, allowing you to better interact with your horse.

Here you can see two different movement graphs, when you buy an analysis you will see your own movement graph. The red graph shows movement up and down in the saddle, the grey one back and forth.

Which of the graphs do you think shows a more trained rider?

It’s the one with the wave-shaped graphs without notches. There you see harmony in the movements.


The one on the top.

The one to the left.


What our customers say

Amalia Thoors

Dressage rider at medium level


“Finally, I can get clear facts on how I interact with my horse. Complementing my feeling with data will give me the opportunity to become a better rider”.

Åsa Torningen

Coach and teacher


“A simple and carefully researched way to measure the seat and position.”
“ It is so good with the tool that Rider’s Position offers – a simple and carefully researched way to measure stability of the seat! Also fun for students as they can follow the seat’s development and get tips on how to improve it via app.”

Alexander Sovre

Recreational rider


“The rhythm is something I do not often think about when I ride, even though it is very basic. But just concentrating on the rhythm gives an incredible focus, both me and my horse relax, and it gives such a good feeling when riding.”

Ride Smarter, Ride Better: Introducing Our Rider Analysis App!


Introducing our Rider Analysis App – the ultimate tool for every equestrian. Track, analyze, and improve your horse riding performance with advanced metrics and customizable training plans. All you need is your phone.

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