We are launching Rider’s position.

It is an inspirational community and forum for us who would like to improve our position in the saddle and get a more sustainable horse. Rider’s Position is also developing a virtual coach that will give you feed back on your position in the saddle in real time. We call it RIDER’S POSITION COACH.

We will share: exercises, scientific articles, anatomy of the horse and rider. We will review all the horse tech wearables that can help you to improve your position. We will also invite famous riders to blog about their insights on the rider’s position.

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This is the first of the three corner stones that build a good position in the saddle. Without a good balance you will never become a skilled rider. We will share exercises that will improve your balance.


The second of the corner stones. Riding is an art like dancing it is about finding the right rhythm and adopt to the rhythm of the horse.

Let the body merge and be one with the horse.


The third of the corner stones is symmetry.  As humans we are mostly one side dominant and to be an effective rider we need to be as equal as possible to be able to communicate as effective as possible with the horse.